Jeera or cumin seed is an oblong shaped, sharp flavored and dark colored aromatic spice that is placed second to pepper in the context of importance. It is actually the dried fruit of an annual, thin-stemmed cumin plant, which belongs to parsley family.

The world market structure regarding jeera is very much concentrated as bulk of the production is performed by a fewer countries and only those countries are able to export this spice to the rest of the world. The major cumin seed exporting countries are




Production of jeera/ cumin seed in India

India’s production sums up to 1 to 2 lakh tons of cumin seed per year that makes it the leading producer in the world. Rajasthan and Gujarat contribute to approximately 90% of the production in the country.

Specification for Cumin Seeds (HS CODE: 09093019)

Type:   Machine cleaned / Sortexed/Extra Bold

Purity:  99% / 98% / 99.50% (Singapore/Europe)

Total ASH        9.50% Max

Acid insuluble ASH:    1.75% Max

Flavour:           Aromatic with a penetrating flavour

Moisture:         10% max

Salmonella:      Absent/25 gms

Volaile oil:       Min 2.00 ml/100 gms



25 Kgs net PP Bags, can be customized as per client’s requirements.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 MT.