The main commercially grown variety of pomegranate is Bhagwa, which is known for its soft seeds, dark red color and is extremely delicious.

Packing: In Box: 3.5/4.0/4.5 Kg . In Plastic Carets: 15-20 Kg. All as per Client’s demand. Per pomegranate weight min180gm & Max 400 gm.

Each farmer, at the time of harvest, gives declaration to the exporter in Annexure-3 stating that pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, weedicides, etc. have not been sprayed/applied after drawl of samples for laboratory analysis. The declarations shall also state that there is no plot under the farm that is not registered by the Agri./Hort. Office and that none of the plots mentioned in the declaration are under suspension/have been cancelled for export.

Modules for Stakeholder: * Registration of Pomegranates Farm by State Horticulture Department * Residue Analysis and Agmark Inspection by Laboratories * Consignment Creation, online application for issue of CAG & PSC * Certificate of Agmark Grading (CAG) by Regional Agmark Office(s) * Issue of Phytosanitary Certificate by PSC Authorities * Monitoring of Residue Analysis by NRL


Net Weight of Box: 3.5 Kg/ 4.0 Kg/ 4.5 Kg

Plastic Carets: 15-20 Kg


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