The Turmeric Finger when grounded in to fine powder serves as key ingredients in most of the foods and provide it with flavor and color. The turmeric finger is the purest form of turmeric and is used in medicines, food and dyeing processes.

World scenario Turmeric is also cultivated in China, Myanmar, Nigeria and Bangladesh. However, authentic figures about area and production are not available. Major area is in India which constitutes 82% followed by China (8%), Myanmar (4%), Nigeria (3%) and Bangladesh (3%)

Major producing states in India are Tamil Nadu, AP, Maharashtra. Karnataka, Orissa, Meghalaya, Bihar and Assam are the main turmeric producing areas. Moreover, Erode, Selam and Rajapur are the main trading place. Other producing countries are Myanmar and China.


Packing: 25 Kgs Jute Bags, can be customized as per client’s requirements.

Minimum Order Quantity: 5 MT.


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